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Ignore White Collar Workers

One constant that remains through ones school and professional life, is the tendency for bosses or teachers to use inspirational quotes from revered men and women throughout history to inspire. It is a tactic that by and large, I approve of and enjoy. There are a number of brilliant people throughout history and more often than not these quotes are at least thought provoking. Sadly, however, in yet another reminder of how utterly narcissistic and deluded large swathes of the white collar workforce are, this practise of using inspirational quotes from history has been updated. Either through the more social portals of abject misery and anxiety (twitter and instagram) or the platform that seems to turn everybody into the lead character from American Psycho (LinkedIn), deeply average people that have achieved very little in life, over and above the level of success their background is likely to lead them, have started referencing their own quotes. This is clearly beyond the pale, and leads me to question whether it is in fact the white collar workers of the world that are the most deluded segment of our society? Constantly updating their professional profiles to virtue signal any number of progressive movements, which they will do nothing to actively support in real life. In years past, those with a degree were venerated and hoisted to the top of society, I believe that in a post CVID-19 world, the opposite should happen. Rather than be venerated, white collar workers with a degree should be treated with deep suspicion and reminded that they should focus on their jobs rather than allowing their online egos get out of control.

If this were to happen, society could truly heal in the aftermath of the global lockdowns.

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