Too Fat To Tuck

February 29, 2020

There is a sensible rule of thumb for the portly man, a rule that seems to have not been sensibly shared amongst the community.

At a certain stage of weight gain, you have gone into the territory of being too fat to tuck.

Of course there is also another option at this juncture, braces.

Braces are the fat man's best sartorial friend.

They ensure formal trousers can be worn and oddly tend to suit the larger man over and above his more slim line pals ( a rarity) 

In this respect, braces are to the larger man what skinny jeans are to the tall skinny man. 

Alas, not all trousers suit a braces solution.

And so, outside of formal attire, it is important for the larger man to lean into an untucked future.

It prevents the belly from being squeezed and protruded into a large bulge perfectly highlighted by the colour of the belt, if visible.


Or worse, gravity takes over, and the belly itself then sags over the belt and consumes it like a python between fat folds.


And so if you have reached a certain size, live free from the shackles of a fashion conformity that only suits the thin. 


Untuck and live free. 



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