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Cancel Culture

So it’s happening, the spread of Wuhan flu, the coronavirus, novel coronavirus, number 73 on the menu, whatever you are calling it, it looks like it’s here to stay. In fact, they are currently trying to name it “A group of scientists say they are making this a priority and are close to announcing a proper term for the fatal virus, the BBC reported on Wednesday”. I’m a little confused if they are working on the virus, or working on the name of the virus. It kind of brings back memories of Ford spending $500k on naming their new car using focus groups only to end up calling it “the Ford Focus”.

But I’m enjoying it, so far, with apologies to anyone that’s died from it, has it, or is threatened by it, Wuhan Flu has brought me a surprising break, it’s brought me the cancelation of nearly every activity that my kids are involved in. It’s canceled Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, trips to LEGO land “first world problems”, school meetings where I would have had to sit there and learn how to make them do homework, they haven’t canceled homework yet though, it’s cancelled group gatherings, which always needed a license in Singapore anyhow, bay party’s, the party’s not the bdays. It great, my kids, and de facto me, are free, we are free from packing up from one extra curriculum activity just to go to the next extra curriculum activity. I’m loving it.

All except tennis, I recently found a new respect for tennis, we turned up at the Holland club at 8am (I wasn’t biking that morning, in my defense) and the club was pretty much empty except for the tennis courts, they were all at it. I’ve always seen tennis as a sport that people do when they can’t play proper sports. Yes, go on, keep telling me about your tennis elbow while my shoulders dislocate on demand after tackling one too many fat 15-year-old props on a frozen field somewhere in southeast London on another Sunday morning. Unlike Martin Riggs I can’t put it back in myself, it takes at least a 3-hour visit to the emergency room. So tennis is a bit like golf to me, “do you play golf?” No I don’t play golf, I like my wife and my family, besides, and it hurts my shoulders. So tennis has never been up there for me, but my son seems to like it. I received an msg from my son’s tennis coach last night, now it was very formal in its approach saying that while many things are being cancelled the tennis shall continue. But it’s real meaning was while many other pansy assed events and groups that your children may be in, we, the tennis people, shall continue in our endeavor to create Wimbledon winning (insert your favorite grand slam here, but there really is only one, isn’t there) tennis children who will excel at their sport and be able to play anywhere around the world as long as their parents can afford the country club membership, oh, and as long as it isn’t raining.

So we have tennis. Everything else is cancelled, it’s great, we now have to let the children find things to do themselves, let them be bored, like all the parenting gurus with blogs tell you to, I think it’s called unstructured play, and before that I think it was called playing.

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