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We live in an age where people are able to read different opinions on almost every subject at the touch of a phone. You would think that this level of information would result in people consuming different opinions and us living in an age of nuance and broad ideas. Oddly this is not the case. While we seem to be permanently reminded of the benefits of diversity, it seems this does not extend to diversity of opinion. Across the board there is now an assumed universal consensus of thought. Consensus of opinion should always be questioned, the consensus should not fear being challenged and should always be open to debate. Alas this is no longer the case, to not agree with presumed consensus on any issue not only makes you wrong, but more often than not will have your character attacked and worse, has the potential to threaten your job. Just pick a topic; immigration, capitalism, tax, the climate, education,diet, sugar and on and on.....there remains a set narrative and opinion that must be believed.

To deviate from that narrative is to become 'othered' by the mainstream and collective. Alas, as we are living in an intellectually obese age, this illiberal and incurious approach to the myriad of topics we face in life has now become the norm.

How incredibly dull.

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