The Distortion of Capitalism

January 31, 2020

I find little more frustrating than having to watch the slow distortion of free market capitalism into crony capitalism.

Despite this distortion being clear as day and troubling, it receives little attention.


It is in fact ignored. 

Rather than questioning how this distortion has been allowed to happen, contemporary commentators, instead, report that we are living in an age of rampant capitalism and free markets.

A frankly incredulous claim.


However seeing as they appear to believe this falsehood, what do they propose as the antidote?

More government, more regulation, more censorship and more control.

What a surprise

Incredibly, rather than attempt to hide this uncomfortable truth, big business and big politics broadcast their cozy relationship for all to see annually at Davos in January. 

And sadly it seems that both sides appear to have found the perfect vessel through which to solidify their importance and control.

The Climate Emergency. 

A moral panic through which, as was the case with Priests in the Medieval Catholic Church, salvation can only be achieved by handing over your personal autonomy to a higher being.


In this case the priests have been replaced by corporations and the government.


How convenient. 


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