Ignore The Cathedral, The World Is Getting Better and Better

December 31, 2019

I particularly enjoy the social commentary of Michael Malice, an American author who has a unique view of contemporary society.

He often refers to something called the Cathedral.

The Cathedral, according to Malice, is the collective of political, media and cultural entities who share and frame the world in a way that becomes the contemporary consensus.


Individuals and corporations that give sermons from their platform to the masses and who now frame the window through which we view domestic and global events. 

It is this consensus that has mainstreamed the toxic ideas of identity politics, of the world ending in a few years, of people with different views being extremists, of the ever confusing topic of gender issues and who convey an image of the world as being close to Armageddon.

Thankfully this is total nonsense, the world has in fact never had a better decade.

As the old adage goes about the media, 'if it bleeds it leads'.

And in an age where extreme reactions and commentary result in 'clicks' and creates the revenue that is required to maintain the relevance of the Cathedral, a large portion of the issues that are reported are simply designed to instigate a reaction and cause conflict.


More often than not, they do not reflect the reality of the World in which we all inhabit.

In order to force this point, I am very pleased to share with you the following statistics that point to this decade having been the best decade ever for humanity.


  • During the 2010s, 28% of all wealth was created.

  • Extreme Poverty Halved

  • Child Mortality Rate Reduced by A Third

  • Life Expectancy Increased From 69.6 to 72.6 Years

  • Countries Criminalising Same Sex Acts Down 40% to 27%

  • Countries With laws Protecting Women Up 53% to 78%

  • Death Rate From Pollution Down 19%

  • Weather Related Deaths Decrease 95% Since 1960s


And as we start a new decade, ignore the alarmist nonsense from the Cathedral, and lets look forward to more positive progress in the years ahead. 


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