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Thank God For Chuck Taylor

I have previously lamented on the importance of men, over the age of 35, no longer wearing wear white trainers with light blue jeans, or preferably any type of jean at all. This avoids one looking like an American, ensures you show the world you recognise that you are no longer in your 20s and, most importantly of all, ensures you do not share with the world a general perception of you having given up on life all together. However all is not lost as a result of Chuck Taylors.

These fantastic shoes enable men to continue to enjoy wearing jeans and white trainers (of a sort) well into their latter years. November has become an important month for raising awareness of men's health issues, and so I think it is an appropriate month for men to also raise a glass and appreciate Chuck Taylors.

A shoe that allows men to still rock jeans and trainers, while ageing gracefully.

Now while Chuck Taylors are firmly the hero in this narrative, like all good stories there is the need for a nemesis.

In this story the nemesis has be a pair Vans shoes, these should be abandoned by all but professional skate boarders after the age of 17.

If you ever have the misfortune to either meet or know a man over the age of 30, who continues to wear Vans shoes please instigate an intervention.

Wearing Vans as an adult is one step away dyeing your hair and having an opinion on Taylor Swift.

It is a slipper slope.

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