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Same View, Very Different Perceptions

It may seem an obvious statement, but people view the world very differently.

Either individually or culturally, the perception of what is good and bad or what something means varies enormously.

If you accept this fact, then you naturally recognise that points of view tend to reflect the manner in which a person perceives the world rather than as a result of the person having the right or wrong opinion.

Unfortunately, much of contemporary interaction tends to occur on social media, a forum in which conflict is encouraged and rewarded.

It has created an echo chamber of keyboard warriors that the media oddly chooses to report as being reflective of society at large.

Thankfully it is not.

Alas, the outcome of rewarding conflict and anger over reasoned debate has had depressing results.

For example, the accusation of someone of being a Nazi, Facist, Extremist or Racist have now been debased to a level that they no longer carry the same weight.A sorry state of affairs, and something that should concern us all.

For society to continue to develop and grow cohesively and positively, the art of debating and arguing constructively needs to be remembered, revered and rewarded.

This reality of the different perspectives people can have on the same issues was recently reinforced by a story my father told me.

He was sitting in his usual seat watching England struggle in a Test Match at Lords, when he turned to his friends and said how lucky they are to be able to see this beautifully maintained green oval in Central London.

To his surprise, one of his friends disagreed and informed my father that he was colour blind and rather than see green, he was admiring a blue oval.

Now, while we may all agree that grass tends to be green, it is not the case for everybody and for others, they may look at the same thing and have a perfectly legitimate and different view.

They are not wrong from their perspective, and as such their stated perspective should be respected.

A lesson that I wish the media would be remember and promote.

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