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What Happened To Socks?

Looking across Raffles Place in Singapore, I have been horrified by how few men now wear socks.

It seems that it has become socially acceptable for men to show their ankles when wearing trousers.

Worse than that, this has now become almost commonplace within the CBD.

And even more shocking, it has become popular to compliment this look with a pair of short trousers (ankle swingers) that appear to be the type of denim leggings that are also popular with women.

While I would fully embrace teenagers and students wearing ludicrous outfits to express their youthful angst and desire not to conform, it is quite another thing to see middle-aged men in the City dressing like a smart-casual housewife from the 90s.

While not wearing socks is to be expected if you are riding a moped on the Amalfi Coast, outside of Southern Italy it simply makes you look like you are paying homage to a Dickensian character from the Workhouse.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and some male model types can pull this sort of fancy dress off. Sadly, most men do not resemble Greek Gods but instead resemble a sack of potatoes.

By encouraging the average sack of potatoes to not wear socks when in work attire, this current trend is not doing the average joe any favors at all.

And so, if you know a man who has strayed down the sockless path, please point him in the direction of his sock drawer and make the world a better place.

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