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Having a purpose is an integral aspect of enjoying your life. This may seem an obvious statement, however, it seems to be one that has been lost in the West.

Religion used to provide people with a purpose, however, it has now become unfashionable.

The family has historically given people a clear purpose to work towards, however, the traditional family unit has also suffered from the slow erosion of continued mockery.

Patriotism was also an integral aspect of life, something to be proud of, to value and defend. Alas, this, along with the ability to have pride in your culture, has also become derided and is even now viewed as dangerous in some quarters is

Ironically these qualities are deemed to be perfectly acceptable within other cultures but seem to be no longer valued indigenously within the West.

Sadly, what they have been replaced with is a blend of individualism and nihilism.

Personal satisfaction and self-promotion are now lauded over all other qualities and ritually recorded at the altar of social media.

And so, it is hardly a surprise that Millennials are reported as suffering from an epidemic of depression.

Growing up in a society which has seemingly rejected the core values and principles that created a purpose for the centuries of generations that came before is unsurprisingly causing negative outcomes.

Purpose matters.


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