Cultures Are Different

July 14, 2019

The statement, “Cultures are Different”, would seem to be an obvious one. 


However, this is a fact that has been conveniently forgotten by the bulk of the corporate media commentariat.


While food can be accepted as different, and preference can be clearly stated, the same cannot be said for cultural preferences. 


I personally have chosen to live abroad, and have spent 13 years living in a different culture. There are parts of this culture that I admire and other parts that I do not.


I have also traveled and worked in other cultures that I have not admired, and where I would not countenance living. 


This is not to say that one is better than the other but instead speaks to my personal preference.


Much of this stems from value systems, and while I may prefer one set of value systems to another, this does not mean I believe one to be inherently superior to the other. It simply comes down to my own personal preference. 


In fact, it is this joyous mix of value systems, beliefs, cultures, and outlooks that makes the world such an interesting place. 


This mix, however, does not necessarily mean that each of these cultures is destined to always live together in harmony.


Alas, this basic fact seems to have been forgotten and replaced by the phrase 'diversity is our strength'. A phrase that not only ignores the negative origins of the word diversity but also neglects to consider the potential conflicts that arise between cultures.


Unfortunately, it is this cognitive dissonance that has been the cause of much of the current immigration issues that are causing so many issues globally. 


Issues that are not the fault of the immigrants themselves, but instead are the fault of the host nations inability to have an honest conversation on this subject.


Until this conversation is allowed to be had openly, it will sadly remain in the shadows.


A dangerous state of affairs. 








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