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Fast Food- The Great Social Divider.

A persons attitude towards “Fast Food” will tell you a great deal about who they are.

If you get the chance, simply inform somebody in casual conversation that you treated your family to a McDonalds the day before;. how they react to this news will be incredibly informative.

In my experience, the reaction will either be enthusiastically positive, or one of hardly disguised disgust.

The difference between the type of person that falls on either side of this polarising issue can be best observed in the movie “Caddyshack"

Those that embrace the joys of fast food will fall within the camp of Roger Dangerfield’s character.

While those that find fast food beyond the pale will align with Ted Knight’s character.

The Ted Knight's of this world tend to view those that profess to enjoy fast food as either ignorant, how could they laud something that is so bad for them and their family? Or just lazy.

The best example of this attitude is the recent “junk food advertising ban” on the London Underground.

In order to protect the type of person that enjoys fast food from themselves, those that do not approve of such sustenance have made the decision to ban the promotion of this type of food to the masses during their commute to work.

Quite an extreme policy and one that may not have been as well thought out as you may expect from such a large organisation. For example, it remains unclear what Transport for London's attitude is to those people that are commuting to their job within the fast food industry, possibly these people are forced to take a different mode of transport.

This type of censorious and self aggrandising attitude, so expertly demonstrated by Transport for London, is quite typical amongst the type of people that are disgusted by fast food.

In contrast, those that happily enjoy fast food tend to be less censorious, more likely to advocate for individual empowerment and are almost always less hungry.

The truth is fast food is a miracle, it has given people of every class and socioeconomic background the ability to treat themselves and their family to an affordable and indulgent treat.

It has created a huge number of jobs and opportunities, and is frankly something that should be lauded as a truly humanitarian industry.

Long Live The Big Mac

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