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The Evil That Men Do Part 1

It’s coming to a town near you, For we, the men, are out to get you, Twisted beliefs, Living on a razors edge, A want of the erotic, A need so hungry, we cannot seem to fill, Mans primary instinct, Is still intact, after so many years, Society tried to abolish, The laws they try to contain, This world we live in, is so full of pain, Brought about by mainly men, The act of war… Pushing the buttons, that your son will die for… Sent into battle, by the faceless, He will never be the same, We read about the war, But never take the time, To comprehend, That death is a manifest that many men, dread to see, Driven to the end, pushed to the limit, The screams inside a mans mind, can never be heard, Walking into that darkness, like a small child, Clutching his favourite toy, looking around, His wide, staring eyes, Once was blue, Now forever, will remain black, After tasting the death, cast down from above, Thrown back into society, once the job is done, And you expect him to be the same? ? After living the life, Of the insane... For god help you….

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