The Peculiar World of Platonic Male Dating

May 19, 2019

A large part of growing up is the need to make new friends; this is a part of life that goes into overdrive when you move abroad or to a new city. It is a rather strange experience and one that is incredibly awkward.


If you stay broadly within the social group that you grew up in, the hard work with regards to forging new friends is done when you are young.


As a youngster, either your parents will have forged your early friendships, or as you go through school or University, you are able to forge new friendships in a socially acceptable environment.


Sadly, this changes dramatically as you get older.


And so, if you find yourself in a new place where you do not know anybody, you are forced to into the platonic dating scene. A scene that is as awkward as it sounds, and one that only gets worse with age. 


Picture the scene, you are out meeting new people and having a good time. You are happily married and have no interest in anything aside from forging new friendships.


The end of the night arrives, and you have “jived” particularly well with another bloke. It seems you get on and would have a good time over some beers if you met up again.


And so you have to muster up the courage to ask him for his mobile phone and ask if he would like to hang out again?


 A truly awkward exchange. 


Alas, securing a “second date” is not where the awkward ends, the follow up date can also be particularly problematic. 


The issue lies with a problem that we can all relate to, more often than not the most friendly person you meet in a new social situation is actually someone that should be avoided.


And so you may find  yourself dating the wrong friend or group of friends initially and will then have to go through the exhausting rigmarole of then dumping these people and finding others.


The whole process is a social marathon, set within a well constructed faux pas maze and sprinkled with a healthy amount David Brent-esque awkwardness.


And while there is a great deal to recommend in moving to pastures new and trying new experiences; I just wish that people were more open about the pitfalls of platonic male dating. 



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