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Dress Your Age

When you are young, having a T Shirt that tells the world which band you like or attempts to project a witticism is perfectly acceptable. Under the age of 25, your knowledge of contemporary culture and music is hopefully on the cutting edge, or at least relatively so in comparison to those older than you, and the bands and memes you like should be of interest to the rest of society. Beyond this age, and such T Shirts are no longer acceptable. Nobody cares what a middle aged man thinks is cool, and it is frankly embarrassing to see a man in his 40s proclaim his love for the Rolling Stones or even worse a contemporary band. It is pathetic and more often than not, when worn by the over 25s, such an item of clothing will be worn by boring and conformist people, who are trying to tell the world they are neither boring nor conformist. Yes, I am looking at you, the middle age professional. This dreaded combination of "messaged" T-shirt can only be made worse by those over the age of 25, if they then choose to compliment the look with a pair of jeans and white trainers. It is at this point that I believe it should be lawful for such people to be openly abused in the street and consistent perpetrators to be held in the stocks. So if you know anybody that consistently perpetrates these crimes against humanity, please let them know the score, and shame them at every possible opportunity.

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