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Heed The Past

The social impact of Brexit has been predictable.

The naivety and historical ignorance of the politicians who chose to phrase the question of leaving the EU in a way that would divide the Country into two opposing factions was, frankly, breathtaking.

A cursory look at the history of Britain highlights the danger inherent in splitting the country down the middle on a single issue.

From the Roundheads and the Cavaliers to the Protestants and the Catholics, the British are experts in causing an enormous amount of self-destruction and self-harm, whenever they find themselves pitted against each other.

And so the social impact that has affected the UK, following this vote, has been incredibly predictable.

The nation has again been split in two on a single issue. Only this time, rather than arguing about the validity of the transubstantiation, the argument now rests on whether to leave or remain in the EU.

Sadly, while the issue may not be specifically religious, the moral certainty held by both sides of the argument appears to hold a religious fervor.

Both sides believe themselves to be right and the opposing side, to not only be intellectually wrong but also morally wrong.

It is incredibly sad, and a state of affairs that has not been helped by the corporate media.

Rather than pacify this situation and encourage a nuanced debate between both sides of the argument; they instead spend every waking hour abusing people of both sides of the argument and trying to get a “gotcha” moment in order to create a viral video and increase viewership figures.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, however, the pretense that these news organizations are not anything over and above entertainment channels has become quite galling.

And so, Britain again finds itself divided on a single issue, one that was needlessly created by Politicians who seemed to have no grasp of their history.

While the British people should have always been able to vote on whether to leave the EU, the question and debate should have at least be framed in a way that would have had some chance of eventually creating unity rather than being guaranteed to create division.

Sadly the Politicians at the time did not heed their history.

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