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Only Read or Watch The News Once A Week

It has become very popular to dismiss the main stream media; the term fake news is now used by all sources and people of influence, to disparage those that hold different opinions.

Much of these problems stem from the frankly problematic idea promoted by various news organisations that they are unbiased.

In the age of the internet, this is a claim that is very difficult to justify; especially when the desired goal of every news channel is to get as many eyeballs watching them or clicking on their articles as possible.

The need to increase ratings does not match very well with the need to be unbiased; and as money talks it cannot be a huge surprise that the desire to attract ratings has superseded the need to report the news in a fair and balanced fashion.

And so, the result is a 24 hour news cycle that makes the world appear to resemble a never ending disaster movie. At any time of the day, a simple cursory glance at the News would have you believe that in 2019 the World has degenerated into total chaos and permanent conflict.

This may be the case in some parts of the world, but in the UK and America, the narrative is both ridiculously over the top and dripping in self importance.

For those poor residents of North Korea, while their day to day existence is quite clearly brutal, their news organisations continue to communicate the message that they are fortunate and lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Paradoxically, in the West, where the standard of living is far greater than the rest of the World, their news organisations spend their entire time creating dread and fear.

It is a frankly sad and bizarre state of affairs, and it is incredibly depressing that there is a plausible comparison to the distortions presented by Western news organisations and their North Korean counterparts.

And so, do yourself a favour, and only read or watch the news once a week.

Instead , step outside of your front door and enjoy the reality of a world that is full of people simply living together in relative peace and surrounded by the beauty of nature and architecture. A reality that is as far removed as possible from the Armageddon scenario that news organisations are portraying and would have you believe.

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