Don't Talk In Lifts

February 18, 2019

Society appears to be adept in embracing and agreeing upon a set of societal norms that are agreed upon and expected to be upheld in an enormous number of varied social situations.

However, one situation that appears to have been missed out in the pantheon of agreed polite behavior is how to behave in a lift?

A lift is a uniquely close social encounter that is usually shared with strangers. It is a minefield of potential social faux pas, and so it is a great shame that there is no agreed behavioral prescription that we all know and follow.

I would like to suggest that we all agree to a monastery inspired silence when entering a lift.

There is frankly nothing worse than a group of people continuing a loud conversation in a lift.

Conversations that have begun before entering the lift, can easily be paused for the small time it takes to complete your journey; and restarted with ease upon exiting.

I for one, would strongly support a simple sign being erected in every lift; a sign with the simple demand:


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