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The Way of Life

One who tries to stand on tiptoe cannot stand still.

One who stretches his legs too far cannot walk.

One who advertises himself too much is ignored.

One who is too insistent on his own view finds few to agree with him.

One who claims too much credit does not get even what he deserves.

One who is too proud is soon humiliated.

These are condemned as extremes of greediness and self-destructive activity.

Therefore, one who acts naturally avoids such extremes.

Those who know do not speak;

Those who speak do not know.

Stop your senses: Let sharp things be blunted,

Tangles resolved, The light tempered

And turmoil subdued;

For this mystic unity in which the wise man is moved

Neither by affection,

Nor yet be estrangement

Or profit or loss

Or honor or shame.

Accordingly, by all the world,

He is held highest.

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