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Free Will

Life is random, and most certainly not fair; fortunately though, we have free will. Whether you are a religious person or not, there is divinity in that fact. It is a beautiful thing, but sadly it is something we seem to have forgotten as a society. An amnesia that has made life more litigious, and created a worrying reliance on government to right the perceived wrongs that follow our own bad decisions. This state of affairs is making people and society weaker and, less able to deal with bad news. If nothing else, life can be summed up as the collection of a series of decisions. How we approach these decisions, will most likely dictate the sort of life we will lead. And so, to take away that sense of ownership and personal responsibility from our own decisions, is both weak and damaging. Rather than become individuals defined and empowered by our own decisions, we become victims. Unfortunately, we live in a world that lauds victimhood, a state of affairs that is a complete insult to the gift of free will, and one that I would encourage you to reject.

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