Human Beings Are Amazing

January 13, 2019

The pace of modern life is fast; emails, messages, social media, packed social schedules, packed worked schedules and the never-ending cycle of children's activities.


This packed schedule makes it very difficult to take the time to stop and reflect. 


Onwards, onwards ever onwards, with no time to stop and marvel at the man-made splendour that surrounds us.


Now, I am aware that this is hardly a revolutionary statement, but thankfully rather than use this revelation to springboard into some boring self-help mantra, as seems to be the current trend, I will instead pivot, and celebrate the glorious talents of those that remind us of our limitations; the people responsible for the ingenuity and splendour that surrounds us in our daily lives.


If Mother Nature is responsible for the natural wonders of the world; it is the engineers, the doctors, the builders, the creators and inventors of today and yesteryear, that are responsible for the quality of life and beauty that has been created within the glorious canvas that has been provided by Mother Nature. 


Sadly, the ingenuity of these people can be so easily glossed over or underappreciated. Revisionist historians, in particular, tend to denigrate the ambition and achievements of those innovators of the past and judge them by the moral values and beliefs of today. Instead of applauding their achievements; it seems to have become fashionable to denigrate them. I believe this attitude to be simply ungrateful, ignorant and worst of all, arrogant.


Like the socialist using their iPhone, created through free market capitalism, to denigrate capitalism; the modern social commentator seems to spend all of his/her time denigrating the actions of those from previous generations; while benefiting from the hard-won freedoms, comfort, and heightened standard of living that they created.   


With the media spending every minute of every day focusing on the most controversial views and most deplorable behaviour of our fellow man; it is clearly very easy to have a negative view of the world and our fellow man. This world view is only enhanced by the aforementioned trend to denigrate our forefathers, and it is one that needs to be rejected.


And so, rather than looking at whatever horrors exist on the internet every day, we should, instead, spend our time being in awe of the engineering achievements that help get us from A to B, celebrate the beauty of the architecture that surrounds us and marvel at how fit and healthy those in their 70s look today, when compared to when you were a child. 


There is so much, that humans have created, to admire and laud within the world; and so rather than spend your time reading about the worst of humanity, look around you and celebrate the miracles we have created and reject the continued propaganda against us as a species; we are a great deal better than the internet or the media will lead you to believe. 


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