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Never Say Sorry

I am English and so I was taught to say

The word sorry, at least a hundred times a day

It was, I was told, the mark of a man

To apologise, as much as he can

Alas, as I have gotten older

The emotional response to saying sorry, has gotten colder

Before it showed you could take responsibility

But now it means, accepting complete liability

Victimhood has become a cultural norm

To say sorry now comes with the threat of a financial storm

The truth is the world is simply not fair

To say sorry is not to accept the blame, for all of the injustice out there

Sadly these truths have been forgotten by the many

Accepting no blame is the marker of our society

And so, from experience with both friend and foe

Not saying sorry seems to be the way to go

It says a lot about this time

That we have made the word sorry, an actual crime

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