Making Memories

December 17, 2018

 I love the phrase, "making memories". I first heard it when listening to a podcast about the culture within the Saracens dressing room.

The players being interviewed kept on repeating this mantra when recalling their success and experiences as a team.


Interestingly, the phrase 'making memories' seemed to replace the word 'winning'. I found that fascinating, usually within a sporting environment, winning is all that matters. But, in the case of Saracens, it seemed that the journey was more important than the end result.


Surely there is something to be learned from looking at the world through such a lens? To focus on the moment and not simply obsess over the destination.


For centuries we have willingly accepted misery or hardship in the present, based on the promise of better times in the future. When the West was religious, this future happiness rested through the promise of heaven. With the advent of capitalism, heaven has been replaced (or at least joined) by the corporate ladder and the promise of accrued wealth.


In the cold light of day, this seems to be a strange way to live your life. The single guarantee that will await us all is death, however, we seem to have accepted a way of life from which we are happy to ignore or sacrifice the present, in order to reach a future that is by no means certain or guaranteed, aside.from the fact that is an.end.


I am not suggesting that making plans and having long-term goals is unnecessary; nor am I knocking the tenants of Christianity. I am, however, suggesting that it is as important to also embrace the present and to not trade it off for an unknown afterlife or a gilded promotion.


You will get older, your parents will age and your children will become adults. And so make sure that you recognise the importance of living in the moment now, and making memories from the present.


For my part, I am writing this on a flight with my family, the journey tends to be the worst part of travel as a parent. More often than not you suffer the journey and treat the holiday as the reward. Instead, I will look to take my own advice and treat the flight and travel as something to be enjoyed, and as an opportunity to make some wonderful family memories. 

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