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Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are problematic, not on ladies, but when worn by men it is almost as if the rules of nature have been broken. It is hard to describe why, but the site of a man wearing denim shorts is one of the most unnerving sights you could possibly see, it is the fashion equivalent of Theresa May dancing.


If you buy into the talking points provided by the 24 hrs news cycle, it seems that society is more divided than ever before. Be it Brexit or Trump, people seem unable to unite under a common worldview. There is a constant friction between one sides interpretation of the world and the others. If there was ever a time for the world to unite under a single universally held truth, it is now. And so, I would like to suggest that we all unite under the opinion that men wearing daisy duke denim shorts is unacceptable in a civilized society.

The path to a new world of civil discourse will not be simple, however it needs to start somewhere. And so, lets start with the universal condemnation of this reviled item of clothing. And potentially from this one grain of absolute agreement, a new and improved political dialogue can be achieved.

In some ways, it would be quite beautiful for something so utterly hideous to be the catalyst of something so positive

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