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University Education Has Become A Scandal

Not everybody is meant for further education. This is a truth that has been suppressed by politicians who obsess over equality of outcome, not opportunity. And also by Universities that pretend to be bastions of further education, but are instead simply operating as commercial entities that are set up to put profit first. How else can you explain a University that charges young people for a degree in Forensic Investigation with Tourism and Leisure Studies? The result of this political dogma is that hundreds of thousands of school leavers head off to University having been told they should take on debts of over 50KGBP and undertake pointless degrees that will not guarantee them jobs. This is a scandal. A good example of how mad this situation has become is the number of graduates studying forensic science annually in the UK. Over 10,000 graduates annually are graduating with this degree; a volume that would be appropriate if CSI was not a fictional TV Series. As it is however, these graduates are leaving University saddled with debt and a degree that will not guarantee them a job when out of University. This is not a situation unique to forensic science and is the inconvenient truth facing graduates studying any number of other degrees that provide little or no edge in the job market for those that have purchased them.

If Universities were treated as financial organizations they would be inundated with complaints of mis-selling. It is no wonder that there is an ever-growing group of disaffected and unhappy graduates embracing the debunked ideas of socialism. While unintended, the level of stupidity that drove the idea that everybody should have a degree is frankly jaw-dropping. The simple basics of demand/supply economics would highlight that by increasing the % of people with degrees that you will devalue the degrees themselves. Incredibly, despite the fact that degrees have been decreased in value they have also become more expensive. Also, as not everybody is suited to further education by demanding set quotas of people attend Universities you encourage Universities to lower their entry levels and create degrees that cost a fortune and have no value in the jobs market.

Without question University is a great path if you are suited to further education, get into a great University and study a degree that has value in the job market. But if you have just failed your A Levels don't worry, it probably means that you are not suited to University anyway. Save yourself some money, travel and find a job in something you think you will enjoy. Work hard, don't be afraid to fail and you will be doing just as well as anybody that has a degree, but without the student debt.

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