Celebrity Voice Overs Ruin Kids Movies

August 19, 2018

As a parent of young children there can never be enough children's movies made. A trip to the cinema is as close to guilt free parenting as you can get.


For a couple of hours you can zone out and do nothing while being constantly "present" with your kids. You are out of the house being a productive parent but also sat in a comfortable chair in the dark eating popcorn and drinking pop. It is a fantastic family activity and I cannot understand why there is not a new children's movie released fortnightly.  So why on earth are there so few family movies made?


In my view the answer is because paying celbrities to voice parts is expensive and reduces the volume of pictures that can be produced. 


This is a frankly ridiculous state of affairs and I cannot think of a more pointless business over head. 


Hollywood is full of excellent aspiring actors and actresses who have not had a break and are busy trying to fight for that one opportunity to hit the 'big time'.


Why not let these excellent unknown actors voice the characters in the next Disney and Pixar movie? You would lower the production costs enormously, as a result be able to make more movies and increase revenues. Clearly a win all round, aside from already wealthy celebrities.


Why would any child or adult care if Angelina Jolie is the voice of Tigress in Kung Fu Panda? And why let Peter Rabbitt be ruined by being voiced by James Corden? This makes anybody that knows James Corden think of the movie as a vehicle for him and his behaviour rather than the beloved character created by Beatrix Potter. Quite clearly that movie would have been better is voiced by a complete unknown.


Celebrities should frankly refuse these parts, enable more movies to be made and give other actors the opportunity to shine.


If a compromise has to be made, they can keep all of the aftershave and perfume adverts; all of which are so frankly ridiculous no actor who has not already become famous would touch them for fear of the negative affects it could have on their career. 


But as for voice over roles for children's movies it is time for Hanks, Crystal and the rest to move on and let others have a chance and increase the number of films made for the long suffering parents.

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