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Why Aren’t Teenagers Using Facebook Anymore?

As a teenager who has never had a Facebook account, it seems Zuckerberg’s invention is slowly dying. By the time my mother allowed me to have an iPod, Facebook was out and all my preteen friends were on instagram. In fact, I still follow many of my past school friends and we sometimes interact on instagram.

There are teens who still use Facebook, although mainly for Messenger. I remember sitting on a school bench, a friend opened up Facebook on her phone. Another friend leaned over, and with a look of confusion asked “You still use Facebook?” It was more of a rhetorical question.

“She likes looking at minion memes.”

“Who doesn’t?” It was a voice dripping with irony.

The glory days for Facebook have been long over, with the crown being passed to Instagram or Snapchat.

Facebook has an abundance of SJW groups and minion memes. It’s a goldmine for this kind of content, there’s even a subreddit dedicated to it. The problem is, every type of person hopping onto Facebook has caused it to be over saturated.

One significant reason to why Facebook has been decreasing in popularity with the youth is because you can easily find your relatives on it. Imagine a distant uncle finding out about your shenanigans from Facebook, or your sweet grandma reading your potty mouth rants. We tend to be slightly different people with our family than friends, whether it be the language we use, actions we tend to do and even the clothes we wear. Grandma doesn’t need to see me drop the f-bomb.

Instagram is currently one of the social media giants. All my friends have (sometimes multiple) Finstas (fake Instas). You’d have your main Instagram account that has people you’ve only met once and a handful of relatives following you, then your Finsta would be a more personal account with significantly less followers, poor quality photos that never made it to the main and rants filled with foul language. Most ‘cool aunts’ that try to keep with trends would follow your main, but there are significantly less grandparents on Instagram. Compared to Facebook, it is somewhat harder to find people you know on Instagram.

Facebook’s golden days are long over.

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