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The Joy of A Walk And Talk

“All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Talking with friends and family is an enormously enjoyable part of life; sharing stories, confiding, making jokes, making plans, discussing regrets, sharing likes and dislikes and of course arguing different points of view are all integral to leading a happy life.

The ability to communicate and express ideas, beliefs, thoughts and humour is the reason why we are the most impressive species on the planet. It is also why we are the dominant species and it is the main reason for the incredible progress we have made in our standard of living over the centuries.

Talking to friends and family is one of the greatest pastimes available to us and it is a pastime that can be enhanced exponentially by holding these conversations while walking.

There is obviously a joy of speaking in a pub, a coffee shop, on the phone and in a restaurant but nothing can compare to the combination of quality conversation and physical activity that can be achieved by a “walk and talk”.

While there are some conversations that may not lend themselves to a walk and talk (firing somebody for example as there is always a danger they will run off before you get to the crux of the conversation) the majority of conversations held across the globe would be greatly improved if they were conducted over a leisurely walk.

Sharing time with one other person (a walk and talk lends itself best to two people walking) without the distraction of mobile phones(a walk and talk makes texting or browsing on your phone impossible) and benefiting from the fact you are both facing in the same direction (reducing the likelihood of one person being distracted by a TV screen behind the person they are facing or any other such distractions) will improve the quality of your relationships tenfold. Not only that, but the walk and talk will improve the overall quality of your conversations, keep you healthy and enhance your appreciation and awareness of your surroundings.

If I could recommend one single change that people can incorporate into their weekly routine that would guarantee to increase the quality of their life and improve their relationships it would be to take the time to walk and talk with the people you care about as often and as regularly as possible.....and maybe finish the walk at a pub and take it from there.

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