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The Problem With Rose Tinted Spectacles

The present is a strange thing, it is the here and now and the prism through which we all experience the full spectrum of emotions and feelings.

The present can be controlled to some extent, a decision made in the here and now can be implemented immediately and you can feel in control of your fate.

Being in the moment or being present is, in many ways, the most important part of enjoying and living a rewarding life.

However, more often than not we can find ourselves lamenting about the past or obsessing over the future.

This is a tragedy of sorts; it is of course important to have a destination in mind and to set goals for your future and as important to reflect and remember the past, but these should never override the enjoyment of the present.

The trick to having a genuinely rewarding and fun relationships with your family and friends is to throw yourself into the present; loosen yourself from the shackles of the past and put the future on hold.

When comparing the two; the future can be less of an enemy to the present than the past. The future is all about aspiration whereas the past is more often than not viewed through rose tinted spectacles.

We look back on past events and eras obsessively in popular culture; these reflections are usually portrayed so romantically that you could be forgiven for wanting to live in decades past.

I was back at my old school this week, it was lovely and brought back a number of wonderful memories. I was looking around at the new buildings, the new coffee shop that sold panini’s ( a word so obnoxious that whenever you say it sounds like you are being sarcastic) the polite children and sense of calm and happiness that enveloped the place and could not help but feel disappointed.

In my head this tranquility was a symptom of the soft modern world, where was the bully? where was the instant coffee? where was the stern teacher that for some inexplicable reason took up teaching despite hating children? I began to muse how much better the school was in my day; a tougher place entirely.

As time has past since my visit it has become quite clear how ridiculous these thoughts were; I was quite clearly looking back at my school experience through a pair of very heavily tinted glasses. I thoroughly enjoyed school but to be frank all of the changes that I saw were clear improvements on the school and the experience of both teacher and child. It was a swift reminder that looking back and reminiscing can be fun but that it is an activity that should carry a clear warning sign. The past more often than not was a lot worse than you remember and the present is a great deal better than you think.

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