Ice Cream Cake- The Ultimate Sign of Human Progress

June 5, 2018

There is no doubt that human beings have continued to improve their standard of living ,and in the last 50 years it seems that this rate of progress has gone into hyperdrive. Improved cars, transportation, healthcare, lifestyles, food choice, communication, education and clothing to name but a few of the many areas of life that have improved at a startling rate.

In many ways, in the developed world at least, we are enjoying an embarrassment of riches. When history reflects on this age, what will become the symbol that comes to represent this era of technical achievement and self indulgence?

Some may point towards numerous Apple products while others might point towards the internet. In my view, this era is best represented by the humble and utterly incredible Ice Cream Cake; a product of such ingenuity and imagination that it has no equal.

As a child, it was hard to imagine anything better than Cake and Ice Cream but nobody ever was bold enough to think of combining the two into a single delicious product. Refrigeration was not good enough, the trip from the shop to ones home would take too long, the domestic refrigerator was too small and the knives were not sharp enough to cut the required slices.

By 2018, the Ice Cream Cake has become almost common place; the incredible combination of cake and ice cream has been created, marketed and embraced by thousands. Children and adults alike now fully comprehend the concept of the combination of cake and ice cream as a singular product, refrigeration has been developed to easily handle the storage required for multiple ice cream cakes in shops, cars now provide superb cooling systems to keep the cake from melting, supermarkets have provided convenient parking options to reduce the journey time from purchase to home, domestic refrigerators are easily large enough to house these hybrid cakes and knives are all sharp and perfectly capable of making clean and even slices. What was not possible or even imagined but a few years ago has now become common place and enjoyed by thousands every day. The Ice Cream Cake is truly the most exceptional of all modern delights and is a product that should be prescribed by Doctors to patients who seem to have lost faith in the world.


So if you get the chance this week or over the weekend, put down your mobile phones, turn off the TV, and go out and buy and share an Ice Cream Cake with friends and family.Take the time to enjoy the combination of textures; the crumbly texture of the cake combining beautifully with the smooth texture of the ice cream. And most importantly, reflect on how far we have come as a species to have the time to create something so wonderful. The simple Ice Cream Cake could only  have been invented during a time of peace and prosperity; two things we seem to take for granted these days but two things that came at a great cost to previous generations long forgotten. 



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