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Jeans and Trainers Should Not Be Worn By Men Over 35

Jeans are a modern marvel; out of a plethora of man made and natural materials the simple pair of jeans has become all conquering in the race to trouser supremacy.

From Country and Western singers to Dance Hall artists in Jamaica; jeans has adapted to all genres of style and cultural relevance.

The same cannot be said for other materials.

See a pair of chinos and you immediately assume they are being worn by an American, a pair of cords and you can assume the person has at one stage in his life attended Henley Regatta and a pair of tracksuit bottoms divides both social and athletic assumptions (they can be worn by the enormously overweight or the fantastically fit)

So in the realm of trousers the humble pair of jeans stands alone in being able to cut through social divides and is the champion of clothing inclusivity.

There is, however, a sting in the tail for this garment. In my humble view they should not be worn by men over the age of 35 and should under no circumstances be worn with trainers by this demographic.

There are of course some notable exceptions (Brad Pitt and David Beckham) but in the broad sense this combination should be avoided at all costs.

Growing older is not much fun and while you can remain young in outlook it is important to mature your wardrobe. Jeans and trainers along with T-Shitrts with a message must be replaced. Rather than a cause for dismay this is a great opportunity to embrace a simple wardrobe without complications, allowing you to focus on other far more pressing matters; such as fixing your dodgy knee or sorting out your back pain. As I said getting older is not much fun.

But by avoiding the jeans and trainer combination you can at least be safe in the knowledge that you are not committing the wardrobe equivalent of being bald and wearing a wig. By dressing like a teenager you are not fooling anybody and are instead making your advanced years all the more obvious.

You have been warned.

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