We Must Have Been So Dehydrated When We Were Kids

May 15, 2018

Walk into my home on any given day and there will be one constant in every single room; a litany of water bottles. Large water bottles, small water bottles, water bottles for school, water bottles for work, water bottles for exercise, water bottles for travelling, water bottles for sleeping and other rogue water bottles that seem to serve no specific purpose but exist all the same as a constant reminder to hydrate. I am unsure how this state affairs begun and feel completely helpless to remove this bizarre need for water bottles from my life.


When I was growing up I am unsure whether water bottles were even readily available to anybody outside of legitimate Olympians and Professional Sportsmen. While water bottles were certainly used by the likes of Dayley Thompson, I do not think that their reach went beyond elite athletes. Fast forward thirty years and water bottles have seeped into every area of life; be you a child at nursery, an adult at your desk or a pensioner in your care home, it seems that the one constant between all generations is the need to have a water bottle on your person at all times.


I look back on my childhood and presume I must have spent most of it parched and dehydrated, as compared to the constant access to water that my children enjoy, through a variety of vessels, my water access was limited to a tap and a glass. At the time I was none the wiser and I am not sure that I recall feeling dehydrated, but looking back and comparing the water options that are offered constantly to my children with that of my own childhood, either I was always thirsty or I have been unconsciously persuaded that water bottles are needed on all occasions at all times.


If, as I suspect it is the latter, then I must take my hat off to the most unobtrusive and successful marketing campaign in history. For it is not just my family that suffers this curse of excessive water bottle ownership; look at any young family and you will see that they suffer from this same affliction. And yet, I cannot recall one single advert that pushed this message and advocated for water bottles being a necessity. It is an aspect of modern life that defies any reasonable explanation.


Moving forwards, rather than stare in bafflement at the sheer volume of water bottles that currently scatter my home, I will appreciate in half amazement and half respect at how this completely unnecessary modern invention has persuaded an entire society that it is not only invaluable but a necessity. Fair play the humble water bottle; fair play.

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