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Celebrity Chef Wrong About Family Dinners

Jamie Oliver is a legend, that is final! From a young age he was unwittingly thrust into the primetime limelight and consequently had to shoulder the burden of teaching a nation how to cook for themselves and their families. He educated us with easy to make high nutritional meals and the dangers of food related diseases and how to combat them. He campaigned to great effect to improve our children’s education of food at school and more importantly what they were served for their lunches. He went on a crusade to battle the food labelling industry which hides from us the amount of sugar and other rubbish that is sneaked into our food and drinks. He has travelled the world spreading his word and love of good food, healthy living and helped improve many peoples lives, and it’s been hard work for him! His Ted talk is an inspiration and one you should certainly watch, especially with your family! https://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver

Our hats are off to you Jamie.

We salute you and respect you and thank you for everything you have managed to achieve, especially as a father of 5 children!

But one must challenge the advocation of ‘family dinners.’ As a man who has now eaten breakfast lunch and dinner with my kids for the last 2.5 years I can categorically state that at (lots of) times it is absolutely maddening.

How is it possible that a drink can be spilt or food rolled onto the kitchen floor before your bum has even hit the seat? The u turns of food preference are unbearable, the inevitable ensuing arguments and whining sing song voice of ‘I don’t like iiiiiiiittttttt’ are enough to make somebody pull their hair out. And then the tears and fights over who had the least, or the most, who had the biggest or the least, who had the tastiest or the smelliest food. Aaaaaggggghhhh!

How many upturned splatted yoghurts, turned over breakfast bowls and chocolate coated cheeks can one stand?

Why do we commonly find ketchup in hair, pasta in nostrils, sauces in armpits, scrambled eggs in belly buttons, jam between toes or fried rice in arseholes? (All freshly home made within 15 minutes I might add Jamie!)

Don’t get me wrong, family dinners are important and there is a definite need for them. ​But on the flip side, there is an even bigger need for a quiet dinner with that special someone, or even alone every now and then! For this just might keep you sane! ​ Bon Appetit! Dan.

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