May 31, 2018

I have just put some quinoa on to cook. Quinoa, which I pronounced phonetically for ages to the snorting delight of many a sophisticated foodie no doubt.

In an effort to branch out culinary horizons and pursue healthy eating habits, my kitchen cupboard includes said kee...

May 30, 2018

Flip flops are a strange invention; a lazy shoe that is perfect for a lazy holiday. However, I am becoming increasingly unsure as to whether the flip flop has a place outside of a beach resort. I live in an urban setting, where on weekends the humble flip flop has beco...

May 29, 2018

How can a city of over 37 million people be a peaceful place to live?

Yet certainly where I am living, right in the heart of Tokyo, everything is quiet. Everything is calm. No raised voices. No car horns. No screaming kids. No-one in a rush. In the words of Bjork…it’s o...

May 28, 2018

Ever since I was a teenager I have had an unhealthy obsession with the mullet haircut. I tried to grow one a couple of times but failed dismally. The first time was at University and I was too thin skinned to take the ridicule. The second time my girlfriend, now wife,...

May 25, 2018

I am not a young man, however as a father with a 15yrs old daughter I do not consider myself an old father. I am 37 years old and rather foolishly believed that my eldest and I would be able to share and appreciate contemporary culture together with an ease that would...

May 23, 2018

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about spontaneity and structure in yoga and other mindful movement work and what it might mean to truly let go and flow.

In Yoga, developing our own spontaneous practice is one of the main long term goals of what we do, but in the vast...

May 22, 2018

Jeans are a modern marvel; out of a plethora of man made and natural materials the simple pair of jeans has become all conquering in the race to trouser supremacy.

From Country and Western singers to Dance Hall artists in Jamaica;  jeans has adapted to all genres of sty...

May 21, 2018

I enjoy pub culture; drinking, chatting to a background of music and the hum of other peoples conversation has always made me feel at ease.  The same cannot be said for nightclubs; thankfully as a married man with three kids the need to go to nightclubs has evaporated...

May 18, 2018

I love watching the London Marathon. In one event you have the excitement of the race between elite athletes, together with the inspiration and perspiration of thousands of everyday runners that could be you or me. As each runner prepares to cross the Start line, and h...

May 17, 2018

I am a mother of three, and I work part time, several hours a week. It is tough juggling roles but I do love being a mother. I choose to be with my children more than work. This does not make me a better mother than those who choose to have a full time job. (And yes, f...

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