April 30, 2020

One constant that remains through ones school and professional life, is the tendency for bosses or teachers to use inspirational quotes from revered men and women throughout history to inspire.

It is a tactic that by and large, I approve of and enjoy. There are a numb...

February 29, 2020

There is a sensible rule of thumb for the portly man, a rule that seems to have not been sensibly shared amongst the community.

At a certain stage of weight gain, you have gone into the territory of being too fat to tuck.

Of course there is also another option at thi...

February 21, 2020

I tend to prescribe to the idea that best intentions more often than not create bad outcomes.

A good example of this is the attempt to arrange social events with different groups of friends.

Be that a dinner with old school friends and university friends, or work col...

January 31, 2020

I find little more frustrating than having to watch the slow distortion of free market capitalism into crony capitalism.

Despite this distortion being clear as day and troubling, it receives little attention.

It is in fact ignored. 

Rather than questioning how this di...

January 31, 2020

We live in an age where people are able to read different opinions on almost every subject at the touch of a phone.

You would think that this level of information would result in people consuming different opinions and us living in an age of nuance and broad ideas.


January 31, 2020

As a child I remember thoroughly enjoying baths, an enjoyment that seems to have been passed down to my children.

However, as an adult, I have fallen out of love with the humble bath.

I am unsure whether this is an age thing or a weather issue? 

I grew up in a cold...

January 31, 2020

I love looking at photos and descriptions of the past.

I am not alone in this, nostalgia is big business.

However, I often wonder whether this nostalgia is enhanced by the fact that the past has not been documented as comprehensively as the present.

Will future gene...

December 31, 2019

I particularly enjoy the social commentary of Michael Malice, an American author who has a unique view of contemporary society.

He often refers to something called the Cathedral.

The Cathedral, according to Malice, is the collective of political, media and cultural e...

November 7, 2019

I have previously lamented on the importance of men, over the age of 35, no longer wearing wear white trainers with light blue jeans, or preferably any type of jean at all. 

This avoids one looking like an American, ensures you show the world you recognise that you ar...

October 17, 2019

It may seem an obvious statement, but people view the world very differently.

Either individually or culturally, the perception of what is good and bad or what something means varies enormously.

If you accept this fact, then you naturally recognise that points of view te...

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Bob Marley


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